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It's time for MBM, which you can read all about here!

You are probably going to get sick of hearing about Costa Rica, if you aren't already. I am not going to apologize though! I really leave a piece of myself there every time I go. This story isn't really about what happened in Costa Rica, but what happened before.

Last year was our first year going, and Eric's first mission trip ever. I had been on several mission trip within the States, none of which were along the same magnitude as Costa Rica though. Obviously since we were going out of the country, the cost of the trip was pricey. (At least for our very modest income.)

We decided this year that we would write support letters, as we had done the year before. However, we had already had some fundraisers within our church to help the entire team, which limited the number of people on our list significantly. We ended up sending about 30 letters, 75% of which were to family.

Then we prayed, and prayed some more because we definitely didn't have the budget for both of us to go on the trip. The thought of me having to stay behind was devastating, but it seemed like a reality for a long time.

We paid the first deposit out of our own pocket because we hadn't received any money yet. We paid for both of us, even though we weren't positive God was saying yes for me to go yet.

The deadline for the second deposit was approaching fast, and we had yet to see much money come in. Then God moved. We went to visit some good friends of ours who live far from us now. After a trip filled with love and laughter we got ready to leave them. Before we did they told us they wanted to give us some money towards Costa Rica and handed us an envelope with a check. We went home, and the next day I opened the check - which just happened to be the exact amount we needed for the next deposit that was due that week! I called my friend to yell at her because surely she had overheard Eric and I discussing our concerns or something...nope. She says my message gave her chills because they had no idea how much we needed, but that God had impressed upon them how much to give.


To make a long story short, after that money started pouring in. The rest of our trip was paid for in about 3 weeks time. Excess money designated for us ended up helping another person afford their trip (I can't imagine the trip without this person now!) We even had a check waiting for us when we got BACK from Costa Rica!

"He replied, 'Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.' "
- Matthew 17:20

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  1. I know you wrote this ages ago but was checking out your blog and clicked on one of the "you might also like" and i DID like! Um. WOW. What an AMAZING God we serve. You have no idea how much this encourages me!!!
    Praise Jesus.


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