crazy love prayer challenge

Linny at A Place Called Simplicity posted about some friends of hers that have been in the middle of a very long, hard road to the adoption of their little ones in Africa. She has called her bloggy friends together to write a post specifically designed for those of us in the throes of adoption. Here are the rules:

1. You must be in the midst of an adoption or starting the process.
2. You must write a post explaining the prayer need.
3. You must mention this Crazy Love Prayer Challenge in the post.

Since we have just recently turned in our paperwork for our foster/adoption process, our prayer requests are very simple. Right now this process has been long, but compared to other's horror stories it has not been hard. Emotionally draining at times - yes, painful in ways other's have had to endure - no, not yet. And we really hope it stays that way.

Here are our requests:
  • pray that our homestudy/fire inspection/DHEC inspections will be done soon, done well, and done with the least amount of stress possible
  • pray that once these three items are checked off the list and we officially become a "waiting" family that God will protect our hearts from the fear of the unknown
  • pray for our child(ren), specifically for their safety, and well-being and for the love they may or may not receive before they are placed in our home
  • lastly, pray that the social workers will have the insight and knowledge to place the exact child(ren) that God has created specifically for our family
So here is what I am asking. Head over to Linny's post at some point before Wednesday September 8, 2010 and read all of the posts that have linked up with their specific prayer requests for their adoptions. Linny has called all of us (those adopting and those supporting us) for a day of prayer and fasting on this very day.

Would you join us all in our effort to love the orphan just as God has called us too? To love them the way our Father already does?


  1. Praying and fasting for you on Wednesday. Thank you for your specifics! God is so GOOD!

  2. Praying, fasting, and standing with you!

  3. Lord, bring the right babies HOME! I will join you.

  4. praying and fasting for you today. Lord may you open the doors between this family of yours and the children you have created to complete them. We trust in you because Eph. 3:20.

  5. Praying for you and the well-being of your children yet to come! May the Lord surround their bodies and minds with his angels! He CAN do it!

  6. The kids and I just prayed for your situation during our morning Bible study...God is faithful and will bring to you the treasures He had planned from the beginning of time. STanding with you! xo

  7. Came over from A Place Called Simplicity. I am fasting & praying for you today.

  8. Standing in the gap for you today!

    In Christ,
    janet and gang

  9. we went thru many delays during our home inspection process during our homestudy...but you get thru it and it's all be worth it.
    here thru crazy love, praying for your needs to be met today and divine mercy to be shown.

  10. Joining with all the others in prayer and fasting for your family and your child to be.

  11. Praying and fasting for you today!

  12. Praying and fasting for you today! Keep up that endurance as He does promise that He will "set the lonely in families" God bless, Jennifer

  13. Praying with you as you wait on God and anticipate welcoming your treasures home.

  14. Standing in the gap through prayer and fasting for the orphan, your family and others! Blessings from OK!

  15. Very humbled that even through all you two have endured you are still grateful for how your process is going compared to others. I am beyond excited that the paperwork is turned in!!!! We will keep praying, praying, praying! I can't wait to welcome your child(ren) into the family!

  16. Hi Heather, I am agreeing with you and your family in prayer! May the Lord move mightily in bringing your little ones safely home. God bless you!


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