cafe oro

I. Love. Coffee.

Hands down, it is my favorite thing to drink. I know, you want to know how I take it. Well when I first started drinking coffee my freshman year of college, I liked it with waaaaay too much french vanilla creamer. I experimented with flavored coffees too. Eventually I traded that in for way too much sugar and a little milk or half and half.

Then I went to Costa Rica the first time.

Our fearless leader warned us that if we weren't coffee drinkers before, we would be once we got home! This definitely applied to my non-coffee drinking husband at the time. (I'm pretty sure he doesn't go more than a day without a cup now.)

Well a coffee that good must be worth trying black, right? Right! The missionaries that we go help have started growing and selling their own coffee. It is, bar none, the best coffee on the planet. This is their Facebook Page where you can read all about how it's grown and why you should support it. (Other than it's deliciousness!)

I still drink my coffee with a little sugar, and sometimes with a splash of milk, but I have definitely evolved in my coffee drinking prowess. As I sit here and drink my Costa Rican coffee now, it is amazing how I am transported by the smell, the taste, the warmth of the cup in my hand, all the way back to the land that I love.


  1. how cool! i'm like the way you used to be...i like my coffee with lots of stuff that make it taste less like coffee :)

  2. I've been through all kinds of changes in how I drink coffee. :) I do love it.


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