So I have never been told I look like any celebrity out there, ever.

Until the other day when Rachel left this:

So I did some googling and I think this is who she means:

Anjelah Johnson

To which I have to say...THANK YOU she is beautiful, but I'm not so sure of the resemblance ;) What do you think?

My husband is the real star of this post, however. He gets "you look like ________" all the time. His top two right now:

David Spade
Eric Foreman

But the other day a friend (who has never met my husband, I met him on my Honduras trip) asked if Eric had ever been in movies, because he look just like this guy:

Jack McBrayer

I think he is way better looking than any celebrity ;)

hot stuff!!!


  1. Eric totally looks like the pic of Jack the most! Twins, for sure.

    I think the Alvin actress is a great portrayal of you as well.

    You guys look better, though.

  2. Oh you silly goose... that's because her picture isn't up next to a picture of you smiling as big... try this one of you from your professional photos:

    And THEN tell me you don't see it? I think you very much look like her :) Or she looks like you!

    And yep, I think your husband looks like all of the pictures you posted!

    All compliments... I don't even want to blog about who my sister used to say I look like, ha! :)

  3. Well, once Rachel posted the picture link I could see it more. Matt is always told he looks like Kevin Costner.

  4. Oh, and someone once told me I look like Halle Berry to which I laughed and laughed until I had to hold my stomach and wipe tears from my eyes and then I paid the person twenty bucks and a hug.

  5. oh my goodness, i can see them all! how fun! i was told once that i looked like lucy liu and had a similar reaction as gaby did. :)

  6. Oh you and she do totally resemble each other. And Eric is way better looking than those guys, though there are some little similarities! Never thought about Kenneth from 30Rock; had a good laugh over that one :D And WHOA his eyes are BLUE in that last picture!

    This sweet little Taiwanese international student in college thought I looked EXACTLY like Alicia Silverstone which was definitely flattering, but I think it may have been a case of "all white people look alike", you know?

  7. Heather I told you that you looked like Melissa Rycroft when I first moved here and we went to Greenville for the day! :)

  8. Wow!!! They do look like you guys!


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