sometimes it's ok to pick sides

Well friends there is some intense debate among family/friends/blog friends as to whether Baby Evans is sugar and spice or snips and snails. So I am setting up a poll (see right side of blog) for you all to cast your vote!

To help you along, here is how I compare to some old wives tales about gender:

I crave sour/salty.
My hair is full and thick.
I had morning sickness (but it was at night and now it's gone)
Chinese gender predictor said boy.
I would say my "bump" is more low than high.
The heart rate is consistently in the 155-165 range.

My intuition says boy but Eric says girl! Honestly, we really don't care either way. Healthy is way more important. My doctor did agree to do the gender scan on December 20th, I'll be almost 19 weeks then. We will get the technician to put the results in a card for us to open on Christmas morning! (Or evening, I am notoriously impatient!)

Mostly I am just excited to see our sweet little one via ultrasound for the second time. It will be almost 11 weeks since we saw him/her the first time. I, for one, am very glad God has blessed us with the knowledge of this technology.

I'll let you guys all know the results shortly after Christmas!!! Now go vote ;)


  1. eh, morning sickness "ain't no thang." my mom was sick until the day she delivered me...and I got sick every single wednesday my entire pregnancy. Go with your gut. I wanted a girl, but somehow knew M would be a boy. Every dream I had while pregnant my baby was a boy (even before the ultrasound).

    Oh, & the chinese predictor said boy ;)

  2. I am in love with B Evans, no matter what. And until I see you face to face I can't definitively give my opinion. But my heart's desire is for a BOY! Team Blue for me.

  3. I will go with boy. i am excited that you will get to find out on Christmas, how perfect!

  4. GIRL GIRL GIRL!!!!!!!!

    You will be very happy with yourself if you wait until Christmas morning to open it. It really was special finding out about Jayce that way. I will be sure to keep the envelop locked in our fire box.... deep in our closet.... so you won't even THINK about opening it early ;-)

    Ummmm did I mention it was a girl? Okay, just checking.

    Go team pink!!!!

    PS Chinese predictor said Lula Mae was going to be a girl.... but it said Jayce was going to be a girl too.... sooooo 50/50 shot there.

  5. I am just so excited you are going to have a baby!! I really don't have a vote...... I just can't wait until he or she gets here!!!

  6. I think you are having a boy :) Like me!

    Also - I gave you an award girly girl!! Check out my blog!

  7. My guess? A girl. I'm with Amy. And good thing she's locking that envelope up for ya! :)

    Still so thrilled for you!

    (Please come vote for Lynsay's foundation - we made Top Ten, but we need lots more vots for those babies!) Love you!

  8. Very exciting!! I think it might be a girl. Part of me says boy though. I don't know! You are going to have one very exciting Christmas present. :)

  9. WHAT!!!!! YOUR PREG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM FREAKIN OUT!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! GIRL OR BOY!!! Praise God!

  10. I must cast my vote! It's a big browned eyed, dark skinned baby girl! :) Either way, I can't wait to meet that little darling. :))) You know I've been a dula 3 times...hint hint. :)


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