pretty white stuff

We don't get a whole lot of this powdery, cold, white, floating stuff we all know to be snow. It's a treat where we live, mostly because it forces people to stay home and enjoy family. Which is exactly my gorgeous love and I are doing today with our two fur children. You will not see Maggie in any of the gratuitous pictures below, however, because if you were to read her title to the left you would realize that she is spending the day curled up on the couch being lazy. It's basically the only thing she is good for.

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  1. I want a dog so bad. This looks so fun! Haha. My snow day consists of the couch, the TV, my laptop, and popcorn. I did walk down the street though for like 5 minutes.

  2. How much fun is that?! I am so jealous - we L-O-V-E snow here! Enjoy it!

  3. so fun! it looks like nebbie is having a blast! was she all confused at first? piper looooves the snow, too and it's the only time we can clearly see her at night because she stands out against the white!

  4. We got snow too and we never do! Those pictures are great!

  5. Both of my dogs LOVE the snow, which is crazy since Milo hates to be cold. He'll stay out a lot longer if there's snow to romp in! Oh, and Quincy loves playing catch-the-snowball. :D

    I, on the other hand, have never enjoyed playing in the snow. Even as a kid I didn't like it. I hate being cold, and I even more despise being wet and cold. :P


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