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 Read this post first, if you haven't already and don't know about Eric's job loss.

What I am about to share with you is overdue, but it has honestly taken me this long to process it all. This is the story of two unsuspecting people, one significant life situation, and one very big very loving God.

Eric has a job.

But not just any job that had to take to make ends meet. He has a job that he is planning his career around, that exceeds our financial needs, that he loves more than me and bacon on most days, that is owned and operated by Christian men, and the list could s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y go on. Let me break it down for you this way (bear in mind the state of our economy and the fact that many many many people in the US have downgraded from career-search, to job-search, to whateverpaysthebills-search)

- Eric was "unemployed" for approximately 3 weeks.
- I say "unemployed" because our church hired him to do odd jobs the day after he was fired.
- In the span of those 3 short weeks he had 5 interviews.
- He had not one but 2 job offers.
- Both were for significantly more salary than his previous job.
- Our bank account didn't dwindle away or even stay the same during his unemployment, it grew.
- The company (Merge) that he decided on is absolutely amazing and I have never seen my husband happier.
- Did I mention that this company sought him out?
- Oh and that he was hired the week of Christmas?
- Ohhhh yeah and that this company's first mission statement is, and I quote,

"We exist to glorify God. We believe God is above all else and is worthy of all praise and can and should be glorified through work. We believe He is the reason Merge exists, is sustained, and prospers."

Ummmm, hello? I just don't know how any one in the entire world could EVER chalk each and every one of those bullet points up to "fate" or "the universes aligning" or whatever other cop outs reasons people come up with to deny the one true living God!

Our God is big!
He is gracious!
He is a provider!
He is able to do exceedingly abudantly above our wildest imaginations!
He takes care of his children in their times of need!

I am still in shock. And you may not believe this next part, but I won't lie to you I promise. 

I never once panicked. Ok, for about an hour after Eric called me with the bad news I did, but during the rest of the three weeks I didn't. I had this insane peace (you know, the one that passes all understanding?) the whole time. (I can't speak for my darling husband on this, however.) I always knew God would come through, that he would provide. That doesn't mean I wasn't worried or afraid at times, but it does mean that I was willing and ready to give him the glory from day one and now I CAN! I just didn't know he would show up in such a miraculous way. 

Friends, I hope our story can impact/encourage you the way it did for us. If HE is for us WHO could be against us?


  1. Amen! That is just so awesome how the Lord worked it all out! What a testimony to who HE is!!

  2. Praise the Lord! That is so awesome! I just love it how our great God always shows up! I hope that this new job continues to be a blessing and a way that God uses your husband to glorify Him. :)

  3. Praise God! That's awesome news. It's funny how He always takes cares of us and provides even when we may think He can't. I'm so happy for you all!

  4. awesome awesome awesome, God is SO GOOD!! I am so glad HE has blessed you guys with MORE than was lost. awesome!

  5. yeah i saw that press release thing you posted. that was cool. congratulations! hard to know how God works. definitely mysterious but crazy good too.

  6. More than BACON?! Wow. ;)

    I'm so very happy for you and Eric. That God is awesome.

    WV: ladule - When Heather challenges Eric to a duel over la bacon!

  7. So, SO amazing! God is so thrilling when we finally see what He's been up to! :) Thank you Jesus for this more-than-enough provision!

  8. Love, love, love this story!!! Go Jesus!

  9. That's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Only GOD. Yippee Jesus!! Thank you so much for sharing!! xo


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