we will look like this

One of the most exciting things to me about adoption is the fact that we are breaking the mold for what families usually look like in America. There is nothing wrong with the blonde haired, blue eyed family, please don't hear me say that. In fact, my gorgeous husband is a tow head with beautiful baby blues. He is also whiter than an ipod in the snow. I, on the other hand, being of lebanese descent have dark brown eyes, so-dark-it-could-be-black-but-it's-brown hair, and skin that boasts an olive tone in the dead of winter. Don't even ask what I look like in the summer. It's funny though, most people wouldn't recognize us as a multiracial couple, but we are.

Some would say in the looks department that we are polar opposites, and they would be correct. And I love that. He is the Ken Doll to my Princess Jasmine.

And we want an African American baby. Not that we specified, we are open to any race and any gender. We don't discrima-hate. Since we are doing foster-to-adopt the likelihood of us getting a child of a color that doesn't match either of ours is significant. SCORE!

Oh and we don't just plan on stopping with one domestic adoption. No, I have always wanted a Chinese baby. Ask my mom!

I don't just have my heart set on China either...I want to keep the ball rolling. I would love one from every country! Eric has tried to convince me that one from every continent would be plenty but I haven't fallen for it yet.

People are beautiful. God has made us all so different and unique and I am just obsessed with how beautiful other cultures are. I can't wait to take family pictures like these:

Too bad we don't live in Oregon because she does free portrait sessions for adopting families! And her name is Heather! It just doesn't get much better than that. 
Right now it's still a dream, but I know one day pictures like these will be my reality.


  1. Well, since you're willing to travel to other CONTINENTS... howsabout a visit to the West Coast? I'd show y'all around Oregon so you can get your pictures by Heather :)

  2. i can't WAIT to see what your family will look like...it will be beautiful no matter what! :) and, i've always said i wanted a baby from every continent since i was little. and i said that since i probably couldn't get a baby from antarctica, i'd get a penguin that we could keep as a pet :)

  3. it is fun to look forward to what our families will look like one day huh? i never planned to be in a 'cross-cultural' marriage/family but i'd love to children from diff backgrounds if that unfolds for us! excited for you guys too.

  4. God much put these longings inside us because why I LONG for babies that look nothing like my hubby and I is beyond me :) i love it though...

  5. Love it!
    Did you know that there is a whole network of Celebrating Adoption photographers? True story: http://www.celebratingadoption.org/

  6. You family is already amazing and beautiful, and I can't wait to see if become even more so. <3

  7. I too was going to tell you about Celebrating Adoption! I look forward to seeing the many colors in your family!!!


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