hole in the wall

Yes, we have a giant 6 foot hole in our wall! When Eric and I bought our house back in February of '08 we had BIG intentions for it. It wasn't necessarily what some would call a "fixer-upper," but it had lots and lots of potential for improvement. Slowly but surely (as we like to save up for home improvements, not credit card them) we have made some small changes in our house. We have literally painted every wall in our house, minus 2 bedrooms. Eric's music room is tan and we actually like the color in there. We are holding off on painting the 3rd bedroom because it will one day become a nursery...therefore paint choices will be made upon discovery of the sex of said future child.

Sooooooooo back to the original idea of the post, the wall. It is the wall that separated the living room from the dining room. As the trends of today have dictated, we love an open and airy floor plan. Enter: sledgehammer. NOT! I am a little bit of a freak when it comes to destroying my house and I didn't want drywall dust everywhere. So we carefully covered every inch of our furniture in both rooms and tacked sheets up in all the doorways leading to other parts of the house. We are now on day 6 of the project (it is a lot more waiting than I anticipated) and we are almost done! But guess what? NO FINISHED PICTURES FOR YOU! Ha! I will post them later...guess you will have to come back and see them!!!

I will leave you with a before shot of the dining room:

Eric trying to walk through the wall...

And a during shot!


  1. Holey moley. You have almost completed the hole poject. Holey cow!

  2. So exciting!! I can't wait to see the finished pictures!

  3. so ya'll finally started the project
    cool :)


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