so it's been a while

Well hello, no one!

Yes it's true, I'm actually writing a post. It's crazy, but a few weeks ago I thought maybe I should blog again. And confirmation came through not one but two former blog readers, asking where I have been!

I have so many thoughts running through my head and the only way they become cohesive is for me to write them down. So, whether anyone reads this or not, I think I need to write. I may not write weekly. I may not write consistently. I may not write well! But, I am in a season of needing to get my thoughts out again.

So I guess we should get some housekeeping done :) I'll update you on family life. I am still working part-time teaching/tutoring math at BBLC. Eric is still loving his job. We still have an AMAZING church family, and we are now community group leaders. Ella is 15 and a half months old...woah. She's full of herself personality ;)

I think the biggest news is that we are expecting baby girl number two around Thanksgiving! I will probably talk more about that later, but suffice it to say we are still in shock, and completely overwhelmed by this huge and unexpected blessing!

Aaaand a few pictures just to keep things fun.

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