two months

Well, two and a half months...sorry!

My girl is growing like a weed! At her two month appointment she weighed 10 pounds 7.5 ounces (22nd percentile) and was 23 1/4" long (77th percentile). Her head was 14 3/4" (21st percentile). Basically we have a long lean baby! Who would have thought that my 5' tall self would produce that? I have NO doubts that she will slow down in the height department soon ;)

She also decided that July 4th was a great day to start sleeping through the night! It also may have something to do with the miracle blanket...but I don't care how it happened just that it did! She has only gotten up around 5 twice since then, once for a storm and once while we were in a hotel (more on that later). My girl LOVES her sleep.

She is still very, very happy. She smiles all the time and has just barely started to laugh. I'm pretty sure it's the cutest sound that has ever been made, but then again I'm a little partial. Breastfeeding is still awesome. Cloth diapers are going great too!

7:30/8 - wake up (SO HAPPY), eat
8:30 - nap
10:30 - wake up, eat
11:30 - nap
1:30 - wake up, eat
2:30 - nap
4:30 - wake up, eat
5:30 - cat nap (like 45 minutes or so either on me, in the swing, in the car, etc.)
7 - bath!
7:30 - eat
8 - bed
10:30 - eat (dreamfeed, she barely wakes up)
11 - bed

She can be off her schedule by an hour and still does great. She is super flexible, which is great for me!

I could talk about her all day long, so I'll stop now ;) Here is her two month photo!

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