I figured it was time for a pregnancy update. I won't bore you with a ton of info you either know/don't care about/could look up yourself. Here is a little bit about what we are experiencing right now.

I am 22 weeks and 1 day today. My appetite has finally seemed to come back, praise God. I was really worried for a while that I wasn't being the best mother I could be because I never felt like eating. I forced food into my mouth for many, many weeks. (I have never had an issue like that before, ha!)

I felt her kick for the first time at exactly 18 weeks. I saw her kick at exactly 19 weeks, and Eric felt her/saw her at exactly 20 weeks. People said that once you start to feel the baby move, you shouldn't expect to feel it consistently. Um, not so in my little ninja's case! I have felt her everyday several times a day for the last 4 weeks. And I love every minute of it. I seriously could lay on the couch for hours talking to her and feeling her move. I am still in awe of this blessing.

Baby girl is almost a pound and somewhere around 8 inches long...although if she takes after us she probably isn't going to be making it onto the WMBA ;)

We have picked a name, and no we aren't sharing! Seriously though it's like an unspoken pact between Eric and I, we never say her name out loud! I think it in my head but when we refer to her it's always a nickname. I don't think either of us can do it because then it feels TOO real, too good to be true.

I'm still overwhelmed by starting a registry and decorating the nursery. Yup.

As much as I want to meet this little life that has taken up residence in my body, I so don't want pregnancy to end. (Please don't insert commentary like "just wait a few months, you'll be ready!" Love ya, but that's not where I'm at.)

Lots and lots of friends and family talk to our girl, which is so incredibly sweet. I am definitely not the first priority anymore and I am so ok with that. If people want to greet my baby and then me, it's alright with me! I should get used to it now anyway, according to my mama friends.

Well, that was a lot more random than I intended! A brain dump was needed I guess.

God has been so good to us, we literally have nothing to complain about. Through this pregnancy God is teaching me patience with myself. He is teaching me so much more about being thankful. Mostly he is teaching me complete and total dependence on him. God you are good, through the calm and through the storm.


  1. I love this! You are going to be such a great Mommy! I love you! Bridget

  2. Yes, date soon! I know!!!! Let's go to Walmart or wherever you want together and look at baby stuff and start dreaming about what you can register for! Yeay!

  3. i'm still just so happy for you :)

    I am 30 weeks now...c-section scheduled for March excited to meet our little girl :)

  4. I am so SO happy for you, Heather! Enjoy every moment of this pregnancy my dear, it's such a beautiful time! HUGS!

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  6. Beautifully written. :) I'm pinching myself reading this & I'm not even you. It makes me so happy! Yes, God is Good! Amen! I LOVE YOU!

  7. I don't want your pregnancy to end either! Not even close! For the same reason as you ;-) Don't rush on the registry, your showers are months away so why stress about it too soon. Plus, I am a FIRM believer in reading reviews and doing product research first... but you know that!

    That little girl is going to be one of the most loved babies EVER!!! I still have to remind myself that you are pregnant sometimes... and I get chills every single time!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

  8. God is GREAT!!! I am so very happy you and baby are healthy and "kicking". :)

    P.S. I never could understand why some women couldn't wait to give birth. Man, if I ever get blessed with pregnancy, I am going to soak up EVERY single minute of it!

  9. Love hearing how the pregnancy is going!! I am so excited for you girl!


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