sunday smorgasbord

1. I haven't blogged in a while, I'm sorry!
2. I am 11 weeks and 2 days today :)
3. I am not ready for Christmas. I haven't even thought about buying presents. Ugh.
4. I am ready for Thanksgiving. No presents, just good food and family and friends!
5. I have eager friends who would like to discuss baby names. My mind won't go there until I know a gender.
6. I am team blue all the way. Eric is not. Neither are most of my friends, haha!
7. I learned Saturday that I am a face painting BEAST.
8. I have so much laundry to do it's comical. As in, I laugh when I think about it.
9. My grandmother passed away the day after our ultrasound. I am still pretty devastated. More on that soon.
10. Sometimes you just need a good random brain dump post to kickstart your blogging again! (hint hint to some of my scarce bloggy friends!)
11. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I find nothing better than a good list post... I do them often... even when I am not in a blogging funk. I just like them!

    I'm not ready for Christmas either even though I have started shopping. I'm still just not ready! Fall can stay for like 6 months if it would like to.

    TEAM PINK!!!!!!!! PINK PINK PINK!!!!!!!!

    Even if I'm wrong I'm totally excited. I just feel the need to be on Eric's team... you are my bff but hey, he's family ;-)

  2. Ok, I don't like how you hinted at me TWICE. I know I'm the "eager friend" who wants to talk baby names. I LOVE NAMING BABIES. It's one of my many gifts. And I know I need to blog. I like that you're using as many ways as you can to communicate that (fb, email, phone). Let's see how many more you can come up with- hahaha!

  3. haha Taylor, dont worry. Your not the only eager friend who wants to discuss baby names. And I agree with heather...You need to blog!!!

    Also I am totally TEAM PINK!!!!!

    And I AM ready for Thanksgiving AND Christmas...because well, I get to travel and see FAMILY!!!! Oh how I miss them.

  4. Team Blue here. OF COURSE team healthy first, but that goes without saying.... I was team blue when Seth arrived. Love me some sons. Need more! :)
    Can't wait for more news!

  5. You have no idea how big I smiled at #2.

    And I am sorry about #9.

    But seriously?!?! Team Blue here - because a woman can never have too many men who adore her.


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