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"Holy addiction Batman!"

I am warning you, if you click the link below it is completely and totally not my fault if you spend 4 or 5 straight hours there. I think this website might seriously be able to read my mind!

It takes you all of about 5 minutes to fill out a little worksheet claiming what your interests are.

I checked off about 15 things on the list including items like music, Christianity, food, and dogs. In a matter of minutes Stumble Upon had found me the most delicious dessert recipe I have ever seen, a recipe for homemade chapstick (hello!!!) and this cheeky adorable video.

Stumble Upon, you had me at hello. (and chocolate...)

And don't blame me when your husband walks in the door and asks "what's for dinner?" while you are sitting in your pj's.

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  1. The Warm Toasted Smores Bars showed up in my Stumble Upon account, too, and I made them and they are DELICIOUS!!! Very rich and they make a bunch, so great for feeding a crowd.


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