ode to the cadbury creme egg

Hands down the best Easter candy of.all.time.

My addiction to these delicious little only-out-once-a-year treats started way back in my childhood (thanks Mom) and rivals that of my cherry chapstick addiction and my over-abundance of dashes when writing.

Things I have learned about the egg:
I love them.
I buy them as soon as they are in stores (usually a month before Easter) and I eat one a day until Easter.
One is enough, they are very sweet! Ok, sometimes two.
People have strong opinions one way or another on the egg. They either love them or hate them. Not much in-between!
They were first manufactured in 1923!
The proper way to eat one is to break it in half, lick the goo out, then eat the chocolate. It's all about etiquette people. 
They are delicious.

So what's your favorite Easter candy? And no dissin' the egg.


  1. Ummmm I am not bias.... I will eat any Easter candy. Oh wait... not peeps. yuck! Oh Easter candy you are NOT good for me and my trying to fit into my shorts plan!

  2. I had my first Candbury egg just the other day. Ever. And today I found out that "classic" kind has the goo on the inside, but they have come out with a "new" kind that is solid chocolate. I am not much for filling chocolate with anything, since it itself is about the best thing invented under the sun, so I will have to go with the solid chocolate egg. A ball of chocolate? What beats that?!

  3. Oh, I saw deviled Cadbury Creme Eggs on some site. I'll try to find them.
    I love to put them in the freezer and eat them when the center has thickened.
    These and Rolos are my downfall.

  4. Love, love, love! I need me some of those.

    And whoever doesn't eat them correctly oughtta be spanked...

  5. i've actually never had one...i know!! the goo kinda freaks me out.
    but the cadbury mini eggs? be still my heart!

  6. Cadbury Eggs:Delicious::Night Sky:Dark

    Also, I love Peeps!

  7. I'm actually an in-between girl. :) I like them, but don't love them. I do better if I don't look at the goo, because it kinda grosses me out. *shudder*

    I love seasonal candy, though! Peeps are probably my favorite at Easter. :)

  8. Ok, don't mean to diss the egg, but nope, can't do it! Ok, I have, so that's lying, but I really don't like them. Now, the Cadbury Mini Eggs with the crunchy shell are my weakness! Yum!


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