I am home.

First, thank you to all that prayed for me and my team while we were in Honduras. The Lord answered so many prayers while we were there it was incredible.

I plan on posting a few stories from my trip as a way to document what God has done, and a way for me to never forget the sickness, hopelessness, and poverty that I saw.

Be patient as I try and get back into the swing of things. I realize I don't really like my real life very much. I would much rather live in Central America...one day, Lord willing.

Right now I am processing. And I am overwhelmed. 

I'll leave you with one picture, but there will be many more to come.

Pre-school kids at the Government Orphanage waiting for their fruit cups.


  1. What precious children! Thanks for posting prayer requests every day you were gone - it was a great reminder to pray for you.

  2. Oh, my heart just wants to bring them all home. I can't imagine how you felt! Does Costa Rica work on adoptions or are they closed?

  3. I am so sorry that you are not happy with things right now. Mainly because your life is such an outflow of Christ. You are right where you belong (I don't mean in where you live either). I mean every phase of your life is completely on purpose. He knows where you want to be and you just have to trust His path. You will get there :-) In His perfect timing! Try to be happy where you are though because I don't like the thought of you being bummed about your life. Cause I love you! Glad you are home! Praying for comfort and understanding for you through this for you!

    PS... if you move to Central America we have to find new godparents and that is really gonna make me cry!

  4. Dear Heather,

    I happenes to find you through Amy's blog and I wanted to stop by and first say hello!! Second it is quite lovely how God works-Lent is starting for us and I have been praying that God would direct us in how to not just give something up for Lent but to do something for others--and I found you. I'm not gonna lie I was stalking your last few posts and saw that you have been to Honduras. I am seeing you go often-you and Eric--could you please tell me how to help with funding these trips, or helping the children. Any information you could give us would be wonderful-we really want to help--not just for Lent but for all future needs and wants for your missionary team and these children.

    Also--ours prayers will continue forever and ever that God's will be done in your lives to have children bless your heart, home, and soul.
    Take care

  5. Oops forgot to give you my email


  6. Girl,
    Good to hear from you and I will continue to pray for your heart. Take your time with updates. We'll still be here. :)

  7. I think Amy hit it just right. Because I kid you not - I was praying for you 15 minutes ago and it was because my devotional was talking about how God "closed up (Hannah's) womb" for her to seek Him instead of her desires, and He rewarded her with the harvest of that seed.

    And as I prayed, I got that sense that God had you exactly where He wants you - not neccessarily location wise but LIFE wise. Amy is exactly right in how I was praying for you.

    And Holy Smokes - look at what Regina wrote!!! What a God thing!

    Thank you for listing those things to pray for... it made me feel like I was a small part of your trip - a stowaway :)

  8. look forward to hearing more about it and seeing the photos too! coming back from trips like this can be hard... hope you get some time to 'process' and reflect.

  9. so glad you are back safely! what a beautiful picture...can't wait to hear more!


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