i'm starting again

The Maker's Diet, that is.

It's time. The first time I did it was in June 2010, so my goal of every 6 months was shot, but that's ok. I have gotten out of control on portion sizes and sweets and carbs...all things bad for a girl with insulin resistance. I just realized today that my 40 days on Maker's Diet coincides perfectly with Lent! I don't know how you feel about Lent, we observed it at the church I grew up in and now we really don't. I think it is a good time to focus on what Christ did for us on the cross, and I always focus better when I give up things that tend to consume my life.

I'll link up the blog I will be using to track my eating so you can laugh make fun of encourage me through this process!

And yes, Honduras posts are coming.


  1. Hey girl!! So happy your back! Looking forward to hearing about your experience there! The marker's diet> Never heard of it! Can you email me a little about it??

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