Eric and I have been married 4 years, but this is our 5th married Christmas. We started some of our Christmas traditions early in our marriage, which I love ; ) Some were born out of traditions we had with our families, some were new and unique to us, and others were happenstance. (Isn't that a fun word!?)

A lot of people think kids when they think traditions, and I'd like to break that mold. Just because we don't have children yet doesn't mean we are any less a family, or any less deserving of our very own traditions. In fact, when we do have kids I am glad we have things already in place that define the holidays for us. Kids will just add more to what we already have!

So here are some of the Evans' Family Christmas Traditions (yes I know some of you are squealing with delight at yet another numbered list!):

1. We have an angel on the tree. I bought it at Pier 1 our first year of marriage and I think it's beautiful. Eric has to be the one to put it on the tree (as he did every year growing up) and I always get a picture of it.

2. We always sometimes have two trees. Our fake one was bought at Wal-Mart our first year of marriage for $30. It's sad, but it's all we could afford. It's very Charlie Brown. Usually it is Eric's Kentucky tree. Long story short, Eric's dad is from Kentucky, a family friend sent a KY ornament to Eric every year since birth basically so now we have 9,731 blue ornaments. So he gets his own tree. The real tree leads me to...

3. Every year for the past 3 years we go with The Bell's to a Christmas Tree Farm and pick out a real tree. They have hot chocolate and a cute little ornament shop and apparently this year, jacked up prices on trees. We didn't get one this year, but we went for the experience. Read about what Amy did here! Then we head to either of our houses and, yes this is going to sound weird, eat hot dogs, slaw, and baked beans! This is one of those randomly-happened-two-years-in-a-row-instances-so-now-it's-a-funny-tradition-things.

4. Christmas Eve is reserved for me and Eric only. It's when we put on pj's, Christmas music, drink hot chocolate and open our presents. This tradition is my fave ;) I think even when we have kids we will continue to do this "just for the two of us" routine after they are long asleep with sugar plums and whatnot.

5. Christmas morning is at my mom's. She makes steak (yup!) and cranberry muffins. This is obviously carried over from my childhood.

6. Christmas afternoon/evening is with Eric's side of the family. Usually this consists of 20-30 people crammed into someone's house and we do a Chinese gift exchange. It's hectic and crazy but oh so much fun!

7. We have to watch Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. It's not Christmas unless we do. Ask Eric.

There are definitely things I am probably forgetting and lots more in my brain that I want to add to our list (like baking a certain dessert only at Christmas or starting a Christmas-only scrap book) but you get the general tradition idea!

So how about you guys? Any funny/strange/sentimental Christmas traditions going on at your house? Or are we the only ones eating steak for breakfast Christmas morning?


  1. 9,731?? Wow. Eric is OLD.

    Steak for breakfast would be awesome!

    Scott & I usually open gifts on Christmas Eve, too. Other than that, we don't really have any recurring traditions for the two of us. I do have to make Puppy Chow and Rice Krispies Treats for Christmas day, though. I made them one year for Christmas with my side of the family, and my niece & nephew have expected them ever since. :o)

    WV: sweeze

  2. You are the first one I know that eats steak for breakfast on Christmas morning. =P
    Those are some fun traditions! On Christmas eve, we do the pj thing, play games and eat fun appetizer type foods and bring out the Christmas goodies!
    My mom made orange muffins for Christmas morning and I've been continuing the tradition! =)

  3. Those are awesome! We were just talking last night about some of the things we do (this is our 11th married Christmas together). We always cook something "different" each year...not the traditional turkey and ham. I always make breakfast for just the two of us on Christmas morning.

  4. We always have macaroni and cheese for breakfast Christmas day. It has to do with Matt's grandpa taking the kids to get cheese the night before Christmas so the parents could wrap and finish the presents.

  5. I think the Christmas Eve tradition needs to stay for you and Eric once kids come along. That will be special for you two and oh so relaxing and enjoyable. It there anything better than Christmas traditions???? I think not!!!!

  6. One of our traditions is to go out on our farm and get my favorite kind of Christmas tree...a FREE one! We also have a big Christmas morning breakfast with all kinds of breakfast items, many grown right here in the farm.

  7. those sound like wonderful traditions.

    One of my favorite traditions is my mom always gives us new P.J's to wear on Christmas Eve!

    Happy Holidays and Happy ICLW

  8. I think traditions becoem more important when there are not children in the picture because they help keep the holiday special. For instance we make homemade doughnuts on Christmas eve.


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