songs of christmas

Every year there are a few Christmas songs that I can't wait to this one:

or this one (which I actually got to see TSO in person two years ago!):

Then there are the ones Eric and I joke about, like Christmas Shoes. Not that it isn't a great song, it is! But when you hear it 9000 times in one hour it gets a little old. We always say it's not Christmas until we hear it! Basically it's a topic of conversation in our household.

So what about you? Your favorite Christmas songs? Your favorite jokeaboutaserioussongbecauseit'soverplayed song? Are you sick of Christmas music yet or just getting started?


  1. Can't STAND The Christmas Shoes song! SO depressing!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm totally just getting started on Christmas music. I'm working on a blog entry about that very thing right now, actually... (stay tuned!)

  2. I love that first song - just beautiful!

    (And I don't get tired of Christmas music, just wish I could really hear it :)

  3. I love Christmas music but I agree with you... some songs are done to death!

  4. Really love Christams music! But I rather hear songs about the birth of Jesus than Santa songs. When I hear nothing but Santa, I get all aggrivated, LOL.


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