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This is one of those totally-random-doesn't-connect-to-any-other-post, posts. (There go those dashes again). It's one of those things that you have probably thought about but I'm beating you to the punch by blogging it...not that it's really blog-worthy. (Do you do that? Judge thoughts/ideas by whether they are blog-worthy? Is that just me? Ok.)

You know those word verification thingies? The word in the box that you have to type out to leave a comment on most blogs? You know the ones on the comment section that keep people from mass spam attacks?

I. love. them.

Seriously! I think they are like a secret language. I like to try to pronounce them and I give them definitions and I try to work them into everyday language. If I notice a particularly interesting one while I am commenting you, I may share it with you as a little "ps" gift from me to you. Are you weirded out yet or intrigued?

That's what I thought!

So in honor of my infatuation (and the fact that this is my 200th post! woot!) with captchas (that's right, there is an actual definition for the word verifcation thingy) I am going to give you my favorite five with definition and how to use it in a sentence.

1. sponliker (spawn-like-er) - a small container used for storing small objects.
Sentence: I drop my keys in my sponliker by the door so I don't lose them.

2. fulatums (fool-ah-tums) - the little mascara particles that settle into the corners of your eye
Sentence: Even though I wash my face every night, I still wake up with fulatums!

3. phlephis (flehf-iss) - a state of phlephory, feeling out of sorts or boggled
Sentence: I have failed to get much work done today because I have felt very phlephis.

4. peredrin (pair-ah-drin) - a fruity drink made from the nectar of a goji berry blended with milk
Sentence: I'll have the ahi tuna with asparagus and wild rice with a peredrin to drink.

5. unfoquacious (un-foe-quay-shus) - bitter, the inability to forgive and forget
Sentence: Heather is still very unfoquacious towards Amy since she posted those incriminating Savannah pictures.

So do you guys  have any captchas that pop into mind? What are your definitions?


  1. Ha! That's hilarious! Love it!

  2. hahaha this is so funny cos' i have thought about word verification thingys a lot too. i often wonder if they are some kind of secret message to me. this is an awesome list. you could so make a whole new language out of it!

    also wanted to say i think your blogger profile pic of you and your husband is so lovely! i love the dress you are wearing in it!

    (oh my last verification word was- herbote... a little parcel of herbs you can use in cooking?)

  3. You are nuts and...have way too much time in your hands :) With some of that time you should come see me. I miss you!

    I do judge ideas and situations by whether they are blog-worthy of not. I think it is ruining my life! I cannot enjoy a moment now, without a story coming together from it. Sigh.

    But, thanks to your post, I think I'm going to include the captchas step.

    PS: Conges. Go define that one.

  4. PS: What do you know?! My blog already uses them! Who knew?

  5. this is hilarious! i love it! :) i often wonder if those words have a deeper meaning...if they're are hidden meanings behind them. too funny!

    my word is "dexping." :)

  6. hilarious.

    my word on your blog was: imedi--quicker that immediately.

  7. Hahahahahahahaha! I don;t know the best one I ever saw was "scrimp". Can you really get any better? LOL I love it! Oh and #5.... keep bringing it up and they will be on my blog quick, fast and in a hurry girl! It could get ugly folks! hahahaha!

    Happy 200 day!!!!!

  8. jrs - very nice, I may have laughed aloud on that one!

    I guess I should incorporate more randomness in my blogging repertoire...you guys seem to like it.

  9. You're so funny! Congrats on the 200th post!! Woo hoo! Happy ICLW! #72 & 106

  10. I love WVs, too! Although, perhaps not as much as you do... I've never made up definitions and used them in sentences. That's a bit much. ;) :D

    WV: fulamma

  11. Love them too! :D

    boterp: vegetable in the turnip family.

  12. How stinkin' funny! I remember looking at one of those Captchas and it said (I kid you not) MUSTOWN... and I was just done shopping at Etsy - perfect timing, hee hee! Let's just say that I took it as a message from above, ha ha!

    My favorite is the last one... because I'm still feeling silly about not making that Heather/Amy connection earlier!!! :)

  13. LOL that's funny.

    yea captcha's can be good to keep away spammers, but then there's the people who have them... and still hold comments for moderation. it's kind of annoying. or the ones who make you log in and still use them. :(

    oh well. great post tho!!

  14. That's awesome! Love it! I shall now start coming up with definitions when I captcha WV! :)

    WV: keding - that crazy dance you do while wearing keds. :) (That was lame. I promise to do better.)

  15. Now I think of you every time I type in a WV!! =P


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