it's time you met

It is high time you meet three of the reasons I count myself blessed every day. Throughout our infertility struggle, these three precious little lives have allowed Eric and I to experience a love like no other. I really don't know what life would be like without them. I am humbled and honored to call two of them my God-children and beyond blessed to have them all call me Aunt Heather. Honestly I can't believe I have never "introduced" you before. Please meet...

My little sister's boy, Caleb. He will be 2 at the end of November! He is seriously one of the most gorgeous kids on the planet. He makes the best facial expressions (that may be a whole other post!) and he will eat you out of house and home. He calls me Edda and melts my heart. He gives big, slobbery, full-o-love kisses!

This is Lula Mae. She is (bear with me) Eric's cousin-but-more-like-his-sister Amy's oldest child. She will be 3 in May. She is absolutely stinkin' hilarious (click here for just a sneek peak at one of her antics that keeps us in stitches). She has a better vocabulary than me. I think she may have more scripture memorized than me as well. Truly, she is one of the biggest reasons I started to want kids. Oh and she is more than just a little obsessed with her Uncle Eric. No really, it's a sickness between them. Like if she had to choose between Mickey Mouse and Eric - no contest - Eric.

This is Jayce, Lula Mae's little brother. Hello??? Do you see those cheeks? I have the privilege of being able to eat them up every chance I get! Probably the most cuddly baby alive, I am trying to convince Jayce early that I am his favorite. Not Eric. Lula Mae has a monopoly on that one my dear. It's me you want. I promise I am way cooler. Ok maybe not, but I won't put you to bed with your bib still on... ;)

Well there you have it folks. These three make it possible for me to give out some of this love I have just stored up for kids and they allow my dear sweet inexperienced husband to get some much needed hands-on experience with "a day in the life of a baby."



  1. precious! i love that lula mae is obsessed with eric...that's hilarious!

  2. Oh, they are just darling! Nothing better than having a child (or children :) love you!


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