memorial box monday - a parking spot

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I have talked before about how I like to journal because it helps me to remember all that God has done in my life. I started this blog as a place where I can document my life and give things over to God, so it just makes sense to have a specific post dedicated to the little (and BIG) ways God takes care of us.

This is an old story, but it is one I continually turn to when seeking God's provision in my life. My last year of college I was married and living in an apartment off campus. I had to drive to school everyday. I was a math major, and all of my classes were in the oldest building on campus, which happened to have the smallest parking lot, which happened to be when the entire school was under construction.

The next closest place to park was at least a 10 minute walk and parking in non-designated spots got you a hefty $50 ticket. So everyday I left 30 minutes early in hopes of catching someone leaving said parking lot so I could get their spot and not be late for class. For the first month, I was late every day.

I decided to start praying on my ride to school in the mornings. I'd pray for my professors, other students in my class, my dear husband at his new job and then at the end I'd say "and God, please allow me to find a parking spot today."

Without fail, from that day on my God provided a spot for me. It could be 20 minutes before class or 2, there would be that one glorious spot. I wasn't late again. On my last day of that semester I broke down crying in my car in awe that my God cared so much about me that he provided me even the smallest of requests.

I serve a loving God for sure.


  1. i LOVE how He cares about everything, even empty parking spots so we won't be late to class! :))

  2. I love these examples of how God provides for the smallest things we ask...He loves us so much ~ He is in all the details...all that is important to us.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a BIG impact a small space had on your life. Amazing how He provides. Thanks for sharing!


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