june 200 challenge

Well I am officially off the shopping-at-the-15th-of-the-month cycle. That's right, I stretched our groceries a whole 2 weeks longer! We went 1.5 months without a shopping trip...and I was out of everything! So I went a little over this month, but not too bad considering this is the first time I have gone over my allotted $200 since we started this little 200 challenge party.

I have also started a new adventure. I am the newest member of the CVS Extra Care Card club. My friend Taylor (shout out) got me hooked. I had to make the initial investment, but after my first purchase of $21.37 (which got me 2 bottles of shampoo, 2 of Eric's deodorant, and 2 body washes) I had $10 worth extra care bucks! That's $10 free money to spend anywhere in the store. AWESOME!

I went to Aldi first, of course. I got a lot there and did pretty well. I got LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies! I spent $69.12. Then on to Wal-Mart. I needed a lot of things, plus I am doing The Maker's Diet soon, which requires some expensive ingredients. I already know I will have to go back, which makes me sad but I can justify it because it is for my health. I spent $120.40 there.

So my total (including CVS, Wal-Mart, and Aldi) comes to $210.89. (If you count that I have $10 waiting to be spent then I really have only gone over by $0.89!)

I am short on time now, so I will post meals later!
Good luck to you all in June!

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