the maker's diet

I have been wanting to do The Maker's Diet for a while now. I just haven't had the guts...or the accountability! Well I now have a new partner in crime and we will be starting this diet/cleanse/detox/fast in the very near future. As soon as said friend returns from vacation actually.

It is 40 days of a very strict meal plan based on biblical principles. I want to do this diet for several reason all stated in the book:

- to boost my immune system
- maintain my ideal weight
- have abundant energy
- improve my physical appearance
- reduce stress
- improve digestion

The main reason I want to to this diet is because Eric and I are going to Costa Rica for missions in August. I want to be in the right shape spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally for the trip. I believe The Maker's Diet will help me do just that.

The other very important reason for doing this diet is to get my insulin under control. I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance, which is basically pre-diabetes. It runs in my family. I want it under control now so that I don't have to pay the consequences later in life. And yes, it is part of the reason we struggle with infertility.

I will update on my progress at some point during my journey and again at the end. I am not good with diets at all and I hate not eating what I want, so this is going to be a challenge. Keep me in your prayers!

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