inexpensive etsy 13

It's time for the latest edition of inexpensive etsy. It's wedding season, people! That means lots of gifts to buy for your loved ones "tying the knot," "gettin' hitched," and "taking the plunge." No matter who you are buying for the goal is always the same: find something inexpensive and unique that they will love. Now if you know this person well enough to realize that it doesn't matter what you get them if it's not on their registry it's no good, well don't read this post anymore!

When I think back to my wedding presents, my favorite things were always monogrammed! I guess it's because my new initials symbolized that my dear husband and I were bonded in so many ways. I still love our monogram.

Here are my favorite cute and creative monogrammed wedding gifts!

This plate from aedrieloriginals is super cute for display or functionality! She has a lot of selections you can make from rim color to font too.

This next idea from TheLaughingGiraffe is one I actually used! I gave monogrammed beach towels to all my wedding participants (other than bridesmaids and groomsmen). They were a huge hit, especially with the kids. However, the bride and groom just might appreciate these on their tropical honeymoon!

This last one from HouseHoldWords is probably my favorite. What better way for a newlywed couple to establish themselves in a new neighborhood than this fancy-shmancy mailbox cover? Super super cute.

That's all for now! Happy shopping!!!


  1. This is a fantastic column, Heather! I love it!

    I also really love the table cloth behind the monogrammed plate. I know that's not the point, but I do love it. :)


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