are we there yet?

It's adoption update time again!

We are so close to being done with paperwork! We got our fingerprints done...only to find out that I am in the less that 3% category to have mine rejected! So I am going Friday (again) to redo them. Then it's just financial stuff, getting our behinds to the doctor and snapping a few pics and we can turn in the paperwork! We won't quite be an officially waiting family because we still have the dreaded home and DHEC inspections.

Here is the updated list:

- Application
- SLED authorizations
- Fingerprints
- Discipline Agreement Form
- Financial Agreement Form
- Family History Form
- W-2's and pay stubs
- 14 hours of training
- Disaster Preparedness Plan
- Autobiography
- Medical Report
- Child Factors Checklist
- Openness Checklist
- Birth Certificates
- Marriage License
- Social Security Cards
- Driver's License
- Pictures of home/family
- References
- Fire Inspection
- DHEC Inspection


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