april showers bring may flowers...in june

I thought I'd let you see some of our hard work paying off in the landscape department. Plus it was a chance to show off my photography skills, or lack thereof. Enjoy!

Small pink azalea (Planted last year, bloomed this year!)

Large white azalea (This bush was here when we moved in, but it needed a lot of tlc.)

Begonia (Planted this year behind the border grass and in front of the Nandinas.)

Purple clematis (My favorite! We had over 50 blooms this year!)

Here it is crawling up the railing.

White clematis (This guy climbs up our backyard fence, not as many blooms as the purple...yet!)

Yellow Gerber Daisy (Just got this one, I think it will like in a pot.)

Blue hydrangea (My second favorite, planted last year and bloomed this year!)

Loropetalum (Planted 2 years ago and has grown tremendously.)

Marigold (To keep insects away from our garden.)

We also have two kinds of Hibiscus plants (a Tropical and a Swamp Water) but they haven't bloomed yet. They are usually mid to late summer bloomers. Our Hostas do more than thrive, they take over! They will be blooming in the next few days (little purple flowers).

What are your favorite blooms?

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