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This recipe is one of my go-to's on a night where we have no time. It's quick, easy, and yummy! I always have the ingredients on hand. Most families have some version of this meal...

Tuna Melts

- 1 can tuna (I like StarKist in olive oil)
- 1/4 cup mayo
- 2 tsp lemon juice
- salt
- pepper
- garlic powder
- 2 slices cheddar cheese
- 4 slices whole wheat bread

Preheat oven to broil.
Mix tuna, mayo, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and garlic powder thoroughly. Spread half the mixture on two slices of the bread. Put the cheeses slices on the other 2 slices of bread. Place all four pieces in the oven for 3-5 minutes until cheese is melted and bread is golden. Yum! Enjoy with the veggie of your choice! (We like asparagus!)

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