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If you receive this award you must nominate at least 1 other blogger and pass it on. And list 10 honest things about yourself that no one knows!

Well this is just plain unexpected! I love winning stuff...even if you don't get anything tangible. Here we go!

10 truths you'd be surprised to know about me
1. I'm only 5' (well ok, 4' 11 3/4" but you'll give me the extra 1/4" right?)
2. I'm slightly obsessed with Cherry Chapstick
3. I am so arachnophobic that I don't even like to say the word spider.
4. My relationship with the Lord grows the most during the hardest times...and we are pretty tight right now.
5. Eric and I dream often about packing up and moving to Costa Rica.
6. My Lebanese grandmother, Tata, is my favorite person in the world besides my amazing husband.
7. I will not die without going to Greece one day.
8. I have been swimming since before I turned 2 years old.
9. I am fiercely loyal (as a wife, friend, mentor, etc.)
10. I have a stubborn streak a mile long but God is teaching me submission (to my husband and to him) on a daily basis.

And now for the fun part. By the power vested in me by bloggers everywhere, I hereby declare this Honesty Award to:

Lauren @ Leaving a Legacy

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