march/april 200 challenge

Ok I am a day off from my normal 15th of the month shopping spree, but Mondays are impossible for me to do anything except tutor. Seriously, I am at work from 9-10am, then 2-8:30pm. Yup. I love my job, but no grocery shopping on Mondays!

Now for the good stuff. This month I am including the money I spent on my cousin (in-law) Amy's baby shower, which is this weekend! I also went to Big Lots for dishwasher detergent tabs and Eric's deoderant. I spent $10.05 there. Then it was on to Aldi! I got about half of the things I needed there, including some spices I was out of, for a whopping $66.08. Next stop was Wal-Mart for all those obscure "Aldi doesn't carry that" items. I spent $71.83. Last stop was dollar tree for shower decor, where I spent $11.77. Love a place where everything really is a dollar.

That bring my entire total (minus the trip in 2 weeks for more fresh veggies) to $159.71! Yes, that is $40.27 under budget, so far.

Ok my meals for the month!

-Cheesy chicken and rice with broccoli (x2)
-Shepherds pie
-Baked ziti with spinach
-Salmon, onion rings, asparagus
-Crock pot chicken and black eyed peas
-Frozen pizza
-Mexican lasagna
-Mexican lentil casserole
-Chicken pesto
-Spaghetti, meatballs, garlic toast
-Shrimp scampi
-Popcorn shrimp, faux tatoes
-Biscuits and gravy (x2)
-Butternut squash risotto
-Smoked gouda mac and cheese
-Greek crock pot chicken
-Whole wheat blueberry pancakes
-Scallops and pasta
-Hot dogs and beans
-Chili beans and biscuits
-Turkey burgers
-Fried eggs, sausage, grits

- Cinnamon rolls
- Fried eggs
- Honey Oatmeal muffins
- Whole wheat blueberry pancakes
- Yogurt with honey and granola
- Trail mix, mixed nuts
- Hot dogs
- Tuna with crackers
- Leftovers

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