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I can't even tell you how excited I am to share this with you! I love all things green, organic, eco-friendly and just overall pure for the body and earth. Which brings me to my point...Etsy Earth. Yes, from the makers of Etsy comes this new and improved version selling everything from clothes to baby stuff to decor and garden supplies.

As if Etsy could get any better...

Well here are a few things from the personal care section that I think are fabulous!

This Bugs Away Skin Spray from greenBubble is calling my name. It is getting ready to be warm weather, which means more outside time (yay!) which means more bug bites (boo!). I hate that most bug sprays contain all kinds of things that yield the warning "not safe for..." Those are the only three words I need to hear, it doesn't matter what comes next.

Ok if you know me you know I am slightly obsessed with ChapStick. (I got 7 for Christmas...) However I have recently learned that any commercially made lip balm containing paraffin wax is about 99% guaranteed to contain gasoline by-product. Ew. Well this one from SimpleOrganicBeauty definitely does not! Plus she will donate a portion of her profit to Haiti Relief. Saving the earth in two ways...for $3.50.

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