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It has been a while since we have had an etsy update! That is probably because etsy is not good for my budget. However, the name of the game is "inexpensive" so I have scoured etsy for the best deals this week on vinyl decals. I love them! They are easy to install, way better than painting, easily removeable, inexpensive, and cover a range of styles from traditional to modern. These are the ones I like the best!

This is one of my favorite bible verses from itswrittenonthewall. I see this above a doorway in my house!

I LOVE this one from back40life. This is exactly how I would picture this a very serene part of your house. Maybe the room you do your daily quiet time in? I want it!

Singlestonestudios version of Proverbs 163 definitely appeals to a more modern aesthetic. It is super cute though!


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  1. I love Bible verse vinyl decals!! I've been planning to put some on our walls one day. :-)


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