life coaster

When I think about my walk with Christ I often wonder why we call it a "walk." I mean to me it feels much more like roller coaster, with ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and turns. The only part that is different is the fact that I won't end up right back where I started. Even though I may be anxious on this "ride" I can rest in the fact that I will learn and grow in the knowledge and love of my saviour.

So basically I equate my life to a roller coaster on a continuous upward climb with a few dips along the way. I think part of the journey is figuring out how to still rely on God during the ups and how to not lose faith in him during the downs. Theoretically we should get better at this the closer we get to the "top." Yes, we will backslide (technical difficulties) but it all part of the ride.

Where is God on this roller coaster? Well he is the vehicle I sit in, my seatbelt, the track, the electricity that is needed to run it, etc. Most importantly, he is my best friend sitting right next to me throughout the entire ride.

Remember, the front seat is always the best ride!

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