great grub 10

Wow I can't believe this is recipe number 10! This is kinda of a mix-and-match recipe. It's a good "whatever you have in your cabinet" or "happen to be in the mood for" or "don't have much time tonight" dinner. The possibilities are endless folks for...


- large flour tortillas
- mexican blend cheese
- black beans
- salsa
- onion
- spinach (fresh or frozen)
- bananas
- chicken
- hot sauce

Ok the basic steps are fill half of your tortilla with whatever fillings you like, top with cheese, fold it over and cook on medium heat until golden brown on the bottom. Flip over and cook until golden brown on the opposite side. I use a stainless steel skillet, but I think it would work in anything. No butter or oil needed! Cut into 3 wedges and dip into sour cream...mmmm.(Tip: use a wide spatula to flip)

Our favorite topping combinations:
- cheese
- caramelized onion and cheese
- black beans mashed with salsa and cheese
- chicken breast cooked, shredded, and doused with buffalo sauce (dip into ranch!)
- spinach and cheese
- black bean, caramelized banana, and cumin (sounds weird but Kimberly made this for us and it's delicious!)

Bon apetit!

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