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I just finished reading The New Eve by Robert Lewis. It was an incredible book that validated everything that has been going on in my life the last few months. He talked about seasons of a woman's life and what they were and what they meant. I am in the "newlywed" season, even though we have been married for 3 years now. Basically he means married with no children. He talks about being content with the season you are in and not living in past seasons or being too anxious to move on to the next season. I can tell you the latter is what is so hard for me! I like to run ahead of God.

This book was super reassuring though. It taught me a lot about being in God's will for my current season and furthering his kingdom NOW. You know by now that I quit my job as a teacher, and since school just started this has been a bittersweet decision. However I am tutoring at All Things Bright and Beautiful, taking care of sweet Ms. Alice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and privately tutoring some pretty awesome kids from church. Not to mention I am still coaching the Emerald High swim team. I am a busy girl for sure! I am so thankful for all the opportunities God gave me after we made THE decision. There are still people that don't understand our decision, but maybe reading The New Eve would give them a better perspective. When Eric and I have children we have discussed that I want to stay home with them. I believe it is biblical. I also believe that you should not have children just to pawn them off on daycare or babysitters or school. Now with that being said I am not anti-working mom. There are definitely cases where it's not an option for mom to stay home, but when it is I am an advocate. I have so many friends who stayed home with there kids and they never once say "I wish I worked." However, I have heard the opposite statement come out of my own mothers mouth.

Basically the book boiled down to this. Eve took the apple, the forbidden fruit. She wanted to "have it all." I am redefining what it means to have it all.

I am done ranting for now...but if you get a chance I highly recommend that book. (And I don't recommend them often!)


  1. Thanks for sharing the positive impact that The New Eve book had on you! It was very encouraging to me as well...(even though we are in different seasons of life) : ) I am going to have lots of grandkids one day- betw. my own kids & all the ones I want to claim as mine. This makes me so happy! There's just not enough encouragement going around for young women to follow Biblical advice. You bless me, girl!


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