cell phone + milk = bad idea

So Sunday was my birthday. I also had nursery duty at church that morning. I got up, took a shower, did my quiet time, and headed off to church on time. I arrived at church and was greeted by a slew of happy birthdays (thank you facebook). I made my way into the nursery to wait on my little bundles of joy to arrive. I put my pocket book away as I normally do, but then remembered that family would probably try to call to give me my birthday wishes as well. So I got my phone out of the bag and put it directly into my back pocket.

Time elapsed, kids came in, kids wanted to be fed. In the process of feeding my beautiful friend Rachel's almost 1 year old, Benjamin, another child (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent) put his bottle down on the chair where I was sitting. Unfortunately, aforementioned pocket squeezed out my phone and spit it onto the chair...right next to the bottle...the bottle that LEAKED.

Once discovered, panic ensued. Now I am not one of those "can't live without my cell phone" people. In fact I relish the days that I forget it at home and no one can call. I raced to the bathroom, took the phone apart into as many pieces as I could and cleaned it out. Pressed the power button and...nothing. Dead. Gone. The End. The reasons I was upset are as follows: 1. it was my birthday and people will want to get in touch with me and 2. we are not up for a new phone nor do we have the money to pay for one right now.

So Eric and I left church and grabbed a bite to eat, then headed to AT&T to find out what could be done. After being greeted like we were celebrities (try being the first customers of the day, you will find out what I mean) the man promptly assured us of what we already knew. Yes it was dead, no store credit, cheapest phone $300. NO THANKS! He then gave us two options. Numero uno, go to Wal-Mart and purchase the $20 trac phone and replace the SIM card with my own. Or numero dos, take my existing milk-logged phone apart as much as possible, clean all parts with alcohol and try again the next day.

We opted for both. A phone to tide me over until we figured out our next best move. My husband, being the ingenius one that he is, suggested we try out a myth we heard recently. Put my soggy phone into a bag of rice over night. Apparently the rice will suck all the moisture out. I thought, it can't make it worse! So I stuck my Razor into a bag of basmati and didn't look back. The next day I got home from school, took out my phone, replaced the SIM card and hit the power button and guess what?


How amazing is that? Now I won't be returning said trac phone for fear that one day this phone really will die and I will need a temporary replacement. However, I really think Jesus healed my phone because He knew we couldn't afford another one.

So in conclusion I leave you with a system of equations:
cell phone + milk = bad idea
soggy phone + rice = phone that works
phone that works iff jesus healed it

The End.


  1. Love the system of equations!

  2. Never would have thought of the rice thing! Especially basmati. Must be some Jesus magic that we don't know about!

  3. Hello Heather.....Heather?.....hello....HEATHER?!.....are you there?.... just kidding

  4. I totally believe the our stuff can be healed...and put where we can find it when lost sometimes! Yay for your phone!


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