inexpensive etsy 2

As promised I am going to update you on cool stuff I find on my favorite website: Etsy! This week's post is about shopping locally on etsy. It is awesome to support artists, but I am also all about supporting people in your own community. My husband and I eat at local places, shop at local places, and donate to local places all because we believe it is important to give back where you live.

So if you want to shop local stores on etsy, here is what you do: Go to, type your city and state into the search box and go to town!

I live in the big city of Greenwood, South Carolina. There are 3 local shops from Greenwood, Jillie07, yellowbright, and fearlesscreativity. Go check them out if you like jewelry and other home decor items. I haven't bought anything yet, but I am eyeing these earrings from Jillie!

Happy shopping!


  1. I'm going to visit these websites although I'm afraid I will find so many things that I adore. I still need to learn how to make hummus too. Nature's Rememdies has tahini. :)

  2. Hummus recipe post just for you my dear!


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