it's a...

There were a total of 53 votes on my little poll for boy or girl! 30 of you said girl, while the other 23 believed a baby boy was in our future! Believe me when I say there were some STRONG opinions on both sides :) You all made this a lot of fun for us! But more importantly, we so appreciate the prayers on behalf of our little one.

We are beyond blessed to announce that...

Majority wins! Now for names, nursery, and all that jazz!!!


  1. I am rejoicing with you and just beyond thrilled to hear that you get to start planning for *your daughter's arrival*!!

  2. Congratulations Heather! You will make an AWESOME girl mommy! Cute picture.

    Merry Christmas to your sweet little family of 3!


  3. SO glad to see a picture!!!!! Yay for a girl! I really like the name Deborah..... ;)

  4. So exciting! Also, you are adorable, my friend. ♥


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