if you've ever owned a dachshund

We have a miniature dachshund. Her name is Maggie. We have had her since we got back from our honeymoon, over 5 years ago. To say she is stubborn is an understatement. She is a self-proclaimed princess. She is insane. She has eaten 4 times the amount of chocolate that should have killed her (don't ask) and a half dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, yet here she lies breathing next to me. I may or may not refer to her as "the little bad one" on a daily basis. I am fairly convinced she has no soul because she knows when she does bad things and she just.doesn't.care. But I do love this crazy dog.

Anyway, if you have ever owned a dachshund...these are for you:

Do you have any funny dachshund-related gear?


  1. my best friend had the best dachshund and he fit this to a T.

  2. That mug is awesome! That really is Maggie. Such a princess.

  3. Lol! Never had a dachshund, but I think they're cute. :) Some of these rules do apply to my Basset mix, however. :)

  4. hilarious!!
    and still just over the moon for you and your awesome news!!! :)
    i passed an award to you on my blog!

  5. There is a great book out there, "Dachshunds for Dummies", and it is hilarious. My own experience with Dachshunds has been contaminated, as the two I had were both mixed with Beagles...making them absolutely perfect in every way. My current love, Matrix, is nearly 13 and he's just too adorable for words. We have an agreement; he protects me from eating too much, and I protect him from thunder.


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