this cute couple i know...

So my only regret about my wedding day is the fact that their are like 3 pictures of me and my husband together alone.


So my wonderfully talented friend Casey of Blissful Photography (who has been there for us from the beginning) is a budding photographer, and she took some amazingly beautiful shots of us the other day. Hey, it only took almost 5 years to get some pro photos!


(and hire her if you are in the SC area!!!)


  1. Those pictures are SO GREAT! :)

  2. Wow!! You guys look great! The pics are beautiful! God bless.

  3. You guys looks so cute! I love those pics!

  4. amazing pics! you guys look so great! you are beautiful heather!
    what great pics to have!!

  5. Oh gosh!!! Did you hear me squealing from all the way over there??? I went and saw your photos - and they are GORGEOUS!!!

    Aren't you just thrilled with them? And how on earth would you choose which ones go where - since they're all frameworthy?!?!

  6. you look so beautiful!
    you guys are seriously cute :)


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