bind my wandering heart to thee

I have SO been holding out on you!

Don't get mad yet, this is a good story. And since I can't contain it inside me anymore and keep screaming it off the rooftops...


Yup, you heard that right. My heart, the one that has been broken into a million pieces in the last few months, is going to be put back together again in the land that I have come to love more than life. It is such a place of healing. I need healing.

I honestly love serving. I really do, and I want God to get all the glory in that, not me. I love serving the youth group at my church (those kids are incredible!), the preschool class that I teach Sunday mornings, the learning center that I tutor at...the list goes on. However, and this is hard for me to admit, I am not in a good place to be pouring myself out for others right now. 

I know, you just heard me say that I am going on an international mission trip, where serving is what we are there to do. It's different. When I am in Costa Rica, I'm all there. There isn't a piece of me that I leave behind in the US (except my precious hubby this time). I am able to focus all of my energy on two things: Serving God by serving the Jones' and worshiping the God I love. There are no distractions there. No cell phones, no internet, no malls...just me, God, and the mountains. And then I come back, renewed and refreshed, ready to serve again.

I haven't decided which one is more true: whether I hear from God so much more clearly when I'm on that mountaintop in Grano de Oro, or whether he speaks louder to me then. Either way, I am going on this trip with the knowledge that my God will speak to me. When I posted about being divided I told you that I was unsure. I know now that I am unsure because I haven't been given clear direction from God, I am waiting for him. And he was waiting for me to realize I needed to go on this trip. 

Have I mentioned that I just joined this trip 12 days before we are supposed to leave? Yeah, me, the planner! I don't do things last minute like this! I don't care if I have been on the same trip 1000 times, I still like to plan in advance. God had different plans this time, and praise him, I listened and obeyed along with several other women close to me. 

I'll be back soon with the details on how God worked all of this out. 



  1. Blessings and have fun! Be refreshed and renewed. I love you.

    And you still need to come help me because I cannot figure out how to add the AFC logo and such to my blog!

  2. Yes...... to God be the Glory! Great things He will do (is doing). Even our Lord Jesus had to "set Himself apart from the multitudes". Come back renewed, rejuvenated, and revived!! Love you like a crazy woman! ~ B

  3. SO exciting! i look forward to hearing what He does while your there.
    will be praying for you!
    x o x

  4. (Here's my heart Lord, take and seal it - seal it for thy courts above!)

    SO EXCITED!!!! Can you hear me squealing from there? MamaFoster is right - it will be amazing! So happy for you and thankful that I know God will work IN you as you allow Him to work THROUGH you!

  5. so excited for you!!! praying!

  6. Woohoo! Congrats on listening to God and being able to experience Costa Rica again. So excited for you!


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