This week is National Infertility Awareness Week and Resolve is campaigning hard this year with their "Mythbusters" blog challenge.

I thought about writing one.
I toyed with two or three of them that are close to my heart.
I even started one.

Then I started reading my friend's posts and was in awe of how they took a myth out in a dark alley and opened up a can on 'em. So I thought I would link up my friends and let you read for yourself. If you love me, or know anyone in your life that has struggled with infertility/loss, you will read through them. You will educate yourself so that you will not make someone feel even worse than they already do without even knowing it.

Thelma @ Life as Two
- writes about giving up hope

Rachel @ Portrait Rachel 
- writes about the dismissal of knowledge of infertility

Grace @ Small Copper Coins
- writes about the "cure" of having a biological child

Amy @ Blessed by Adoption and Birth
- writes about adoption being a means to a pregnancy

Kim @ Finding Sunshine
- writes about God not wanting us to be parents


  1. Did you see this one?

    From here?

    Thinking of you....

  2. Thanks for sharing. I read them all and they're all well written. I plan to read the ones Deb posted too. Thanks again!

  3. I just love your heart. And I love that you shared this. I read them all and they were wonderful.

  4. I tried working on two different myths, but I'm not happy with how either turned out, so I may just have to copy you and share the ones my friends wrote. I read all of these and they were great!

  5. Thanks for posting these.

    And if you're ready sometime - I'd love to hear your thoughts too.

    Still praying with and for you. Knowing that God is near to the brokenhearted and He knows the desires of our hearts.

    Much love

  6. I could not narrow it down to one either. I read lots of great ones, as well. Call me!


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