so so good.

"Wherever the providence of God may dump us down, in a slum, in a shop, in the desert, we have to labour along the line of His direction. Never allow this thought- 'I am of no use where I am,' because you certainly can be of no use where you are not! Wherever He has engineered your circumstances, pray." - Oswald Chambers


  1. Ahhh, that is wonderful! It is like my mother's favorite non-Bible quote, "Boom Where You Are Planted" - be used by God wherever, whenever you are!

    By the way - I'm not done being broken up by your trip... and I wasn't even there. Since I was a little girl, my perfect job always consisted of something that meant I could hold babies all day long.

    So thankful you allowed (and ALLOW) God to use you.

  2. Know what's ironic? I went to reply to your comment about my email... and your email isn't attached to it, LOL!

    rkbuffy at comcast dot net :)


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