frustration at its finest

That would be me.

Do you realize, faithful readers, that I have not posted an actual update to our adoption in over 2 months? And that we haven't had any action on the adoption front in well over 6 months? Yes you read that right. It has been 6 months since we turned in our paperwork and not one.single.solitary. form of correspondence has been had between us and DSS, unless it was on my part first. And even then it would take them days and days to respond.


I have talked with friends who have done this before and the consensus is the same: this shouldn't be taking so long. 

I may have held my tongue long enough with my social worker in an effort to "keep the peace" and "stay on her good side" and "not burn bridges."

I think some day pretty soon she may be meeting a bridge-burning-nonpeace-keeping-doesn't-care-whose-bad-side-she-gets-on version of myself.

And then I remember our kids.

The ones that are out there somewhere in desperate need of someone to hug them and tell them they are safe and loved. Someone to teach them about Jesus so that they never have to be alone in this world again.

I think about those things and I can't bring myself to pick up that phone and assume the holier than thou attitude that I so can have during times like this.

Instead I lay my emotions aside and pray. I desperately petition God on behalf of my kids and all of the others in the system that haven't found their forever homes yet.

God's plan, not mine.
God's timing, not mine.
God's provision, not mine.


  1. The time to wait can be so hard, but those last three lines say it all. I pray that in God's timing the adoption process with begin to progress for you both. Hang in there and keep turning to your Heavenly Father.

  2. it is hard to wait. considering it is taking so long I would call and ask why and see what the next step is that they are waiting on. You might just be sitting in a pile of papers they forgot about.

    you don't have to burn any bridges, just light a little fire, that's all.

  3. when Adam and I started the process they never seemed to let us alone--I would definitely call and speak with someone--you can even call and speak with another county--Greenville DSS social workers were very nice and knowledgeable--talk to them for advice if you can't get anywhere there in Greenwood

  4. I can't even imagine how frustrated you really are. But even worse, I just wonder how many more days your kids will have to live in a bad situation. Are they being feed? Hugged? Abused? In my eyes those kids can't get to you fast enough. But then I know how God works. I know that His timing is PERFECT. Those precious ones will be in your arms soon enough. I can't wait to be a part of their lives!

    I would- in a nice way- let them know how you are feeling though. It is just not right for you to have no communication from them. It just seems like perhaps you have been over looked and that really bugs me!

  5. Keep up the faith! I would definitely call them anyway, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!!

  6. I still believe.

    That God's timing includes this delay.

    Because it is in placing the EXACT children with you that He has planned from before their conception. Before you ever met Mr. Right. Before you thought of being a Mommy.

    I believe. And I know it's hard to wait. And I just cling to that promise that His plan for us is to give us a hope and a future and that is His plan for your kids too. Praying with you.

  7. I'm with Regina: call someone else if Greenwood is not helping and I would even write the e-mail. Not the what-is-wrong-with-you-people e-mail but maybe a please-we-are-desperate-for-news-and-everyone-else-says-this-is-too-long-what-is-going-on e-mail with just a bit of fire ;)

  8. awww, i'm so sorry, heather. i can't imagine the constant wondering and frustration you are going through! i agree, a little nudge (albeit a fairly nice one), couldn't hurt! ;)

  9. so.................did you call? :)

  10. I agree. Call. Nudge. Squeeky wheel.....


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