two weeks


I am slightly excited, which I am sure you couldn't tell from my lack of spacing and insane capitalization. And I am even more stoked because I just learned that in addition to going to the dried up river bed and the dump to give out food and shoes - we are going to a government orphanage.

As in an orphanage run by the government

with loads of beautiful children

who don't have parents

and are adoptable.

Adoptable. As in I can take them home! Except I can't...because we haven't started an international adoption yet. (Probably because this one hasn't gotten off the ground yet! grrrrr) I am going to be an absolute mess the entire time I am there. What's worse is the puddle I will be in when I have to leave. Leave? Without taking at least one?

That's probably the cruelest form of torture there is.


  1. That is so exciting! Post lots of pix, can not wait to see! I will be in India at the same time, I will be posting lots of pix. My trip, however, is for a wedding, not missions. I do plan to visit an orphanage while I am there! God bless all your great works!

  2. Such beautiful children. ♥ I can't imagine the heartache of leaving them behind. :( God will use your time there, though. I am confident of that. (((hugs)))

  3. God always has a reason. And if your heart is breaking with the things that break His - you know that He will prompt you in the ways to work for His cause.

    And I AM praying that you'll get to bring one (or more!) of these precious children home - in His timing. Knowing He can do great things, I'm rejoicing with Him placing you there for this exact time!

  4. I'll be praying for you as you prepare to go and the time you will have there!!
    Can't wait to see all the pictures you are going to share with us!!

  5. that is exciting!!! beautiful babies :)


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