how you can pray

My dear friend Beth is a walking bible. Seriously. And she is a prayer warrior. And she is coming to Honduras with me on her very first international mission trip! She put together a specific list of prayers for each day that we are in Honduras. I am going to post them here each day (aaaah the power of the auto post!) so that you can pray specifically with us.

I believe in the power of prayer. Don't think that just because you are home and not overseas somewhere serving that you can't make an impact for Jesus. You can. And it's a simple as going before the God of the universe on behalf of those who are in a season of being able to travel.

So pray for us.
Pray hard.
Pray daily.
Pray specifically.

And God will listen.
He will hear.
He will answer!


  1. Have fun! Praying you have good travels and an incredible time serving the people and Jesus!

  2. Asking God to put you in the exact place you are to be - for the Holy Spirit to speak to you and for you to be His hands and Feet.

    Yay God!


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