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Well it has finally happened, (don't get all adoptionexcited here, it's not that yet!) my little blog/ventlet has reached a whopping 50 followers! And you know what that means for you!?!?

It really didn't take me long to decide what to giveaway either. I know you all thought it was a huge toss up when I threw that old chewed gum into the mix. So I went with something a little more practical and a lot more life changing than gum. I am going to give one uber lucky reader:

Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I have talked about this book before and I actually read it almost a year ago. It isn't a super-new-hot-off-the-press book, but it is a life changer. I am getting ready to reread it pretty soon as well. I had to put it down several times (especially in Chapter 4) and pray and meditate on all that God was revealing to me. I don't plug many books on my blog but it isn't because I don't read them, although I never want a book to be a substitute for the Word of God, it is because none of them affect me like scripture. Chan has packed scripture into every inch of this book and I truly believe he was led by the Holy Spirit when he wrote it. I hope you gain as much perspective out of it as I did.

Now for the fun part!

Rules for my very first of many? giveaway:

1. Eligibility. Giveaways are open to readers with US shipping addresses only, unless otherwise stated.
2. How to Enter. Please leave one comment on THIS post! And just for fun tell me your favorite book, fiction/nonfiction (yes Taylor I know the difference) Christian or not I won't judge...much.
3. Disclaimer. I'm sorry, but I can't be held responsible if you are too lazy/lost internet/got malaria and couldn't get to your computer before the stated deadline to comment. Your bad.
4. Entry Deadline Date. All entries for giveaways through this blog must be received within 7 days of the original post date.
6. Winner Selection. I'm gonna use Random.org so it ain't up to me folks! Although bribery is permitted.  A little. I like chocolate. 
7. Winner Notification. I'll let you know if you are the big winner-winner-chicken-dinner within three days after the official deadline.
8. Claiming Your Prize. Once I let you know you are the winner, you gotta respond to me in a timely manner (read: three days) with your name and address so I can get you your swag! If you don't we repeat this whole shindig again on Random.org and a NEW and more WORTHY winner will be selected. Don't make me do this people!

Now get to commenting!!!


  1. whohoo! excited for you! :) and yay for being the first entry! i've been wanting to read this book for a while now, so i'd love to win it!
    my favorite book is anne of green gables...i read it once a year ;) and i also love the hole in our gospel, the book we just finished with our small group!

  2. I'd love to read this!
    One book I really loved and read fairly recently is "Bringing Up Geeks" It's a parenting book and it's terrific. The author is Christian but doesn't really talk about it much until the end of the book.

  3. I would love to read this! I read his other book "Forgotten God" and it was good too. My favorite would be "Facing your Giants" by Max Lucado (Christian)-it's an awesome book!

  4. One of my favorite books--I have many!-is Radical by David Platt. Besides the Bible, it has changed my life more than any other book! It is a must read!!

  5. Congrats Heather!
    Hmm...back in May I read the book "When I Don't Desire God" by John Piper. It was a really important book for me at the time. Probably my favorite in recent years.

  6. Hi! I don't want to win it because we own it but I wanted to plug it: it's a GREAT book. Have fun with the giveaway, yeah for free stuff!

  7. Well shoot... I'm the 50th follower and I'm not even eligible. :(

  8. I'm not much of a reader, so I'll send Thelma my prize if I win. :) My favorite book would have to be from my childhood... Where the Red Fern Grows (fiction, non-Christian)

  9. Yay for hitting 50!!!! You are big time now!!!! I would say my favorite book at this point is "A Wife After Gods Own Heart". It was an AMAZING read! Sooooooooooo I hope I win!!!

  10. Yahoo! Congrats on your followers!

    Funny, I've heard so much good about this book, but it keeps disappearing once I hit the bookstore! So I don't have it and would love to read it!

    And I'm not above some Ghiradelli in the mail :)

  11. Hi just started following (your at 51 now).I have not got a change yet to read all your post but can't wait to.

    My favorite topic to read on right now are adoption.

  12. Hi Heahter! :wave: There are too many great books to pick just one. :)

  13. What ever book I'm reading is usually my favorite :P Though I am partial to CS Lewis and any cheesy romance.


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