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So you may remember at the beginning of this year when I linked up with my friend Sarah for The 200 Challenge. It went well for several months and then life got in the way and we didn't post anymore about it. However, I continued the challenge through the entire year, even though I didn't post. I wanted to bring you all my results as encouragement that you can feed two (and sometimes more) mouths on a mere $200 per month limit.

Aaaaand I didn't just buy groceries! I included toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, make-up, deoderant, etc. in my budget as well. Want to know what I spent on all of that in one year?


And if we average that per month?


That is an average of $48.40 saved every month. Let's compare this total to 2009s, shall we? In 2009 I spent...


Which is an average of $202.80 and that is not bad, but by being very conscience of what I buy, where and when I buy it and how I use it in my home I have managed to save my family $613.29 in one year. That is a lot of money! I plan to continue this trend in 2011 and I may start adding coupons to my ever-growing list of tips/tricks to save money on groceries and household items!

A big thanks to Sarah who was the inspiration for my frugal grocery budget makeover!

So how about you guys? How did you do in 2010 budget-wise?


  1. New reader here! Found you on HP. :)

    I'm not sure how much we spent on groceries in 2010. We switched financial software mid-year and I don't have some of the info on my computer any more. We usually try to spend no more than $200/month on groceries (incl. non-food items, as you've done). We did pretty well, until we decided to go gluten free. I'm curious to see how that goes for us in 2011.

  2. YAY!!!! I can't wait to post my yearly overview in January! You did AMAZING!!!!!! I wish I could have added in paper products and such too. Maybe in 2011 I can. We shall see!

  3. Whaaaat??? That is AMAZING! I need to learn from you! Seriously! How do you do it????

  4. That's awesome! I started couponing this year and have been amazed by our savings. Like you, we haven't spent over $200 a month for our groceries since I started this in the spring. I'm excited to start from the beginning of this year!


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