where in the world is...

(Quick! 20 points to the first one to give me the end of that phrase!)

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know my husband and I have a heart for missions. I have been going on local/national/international mission trips for years now. I love everything about them: the team, the bonding, the people we meet, the work we do, the way I grow closer to Christ, the way He works on my heart, what we accomplish for the Lord, the love...the list goes on.

The funny thing about all this waiting we have been doing concerning the adoption is that God has given us some pretty incredible opportunities. We tried to ignore our call, citing facts like "what if our kids come during that time" or "won't that push us back even further?" In the end, only God could reignite in our hearts our passion for missions despite what our minds were telling us. I just wrote about how we need to be content in the season that we are in. We not only need to be content, but active! We need to be serving the Lord in the best way possible during our season of childlessness. So we are taking some leaps of faith! In fact, come February Eric is going here:

And come March I am going here:

I know, I have been holding out on you. Sorry! So can you put those Geography skills to the test? Or at least do some good Google detective work? Here is your hint: we need to be brushing up on our espaƱol!

I'll be back soon with the answers...stay tuned!


  1. Oh how exciting! You are so right - that even while "waiting" for God to bring a promise to fruition, we can still be right smack moving in His plan!

    And I have *no* idea where you guys are going - because I was the math whiz kid, LOL :)

  2. Where in the world... is Carmen San Diego!

    YES! 20 points for me.
    After a bit of investigation, I say that Eric is going to Costa Rica and you are going to Honduras@

    Am I right? AM I?

  3. Yep I was going to say Costa Rica & Honduras! Now you need to just be praying about a trip to Spain to use that Espanol and to see me!! =)


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