That pretty much sums up my relationship with my blog lately. Please, forgive me. We have had a LOT going on in our little casa. (Don't get adoption-excited, it's not that unfortunately.) I have learned a little on that front though. A friend of mine who has a sweet little baby girl that just turned one through the DSS foster/adopt system let me in on a few things. After they turned in their paperwork they waited SIX months for their homestudy.

Yup. You heard that right.

Which puts us at about 4 more months of waiting. Seriously??? I really thought we could get it done before Christmas but that chances of that are looking highly unlikely. Throw into the mix the fact that I have called and emailed our social worker twice now with no response and you have one unhappy lady.

One unhappy, very busy (I can't elaborate on how, but believe me it's going to be crazy here until about February.), slightly scatter-brained paper pregnant waiting mom.

Our God is greater.


  1. I hate the waiting, and even more so, the no contact or information. I hope and pray that it isn't 4 more months for you, and I hope everything continues to be busy for you, but not stressful. It helps me to stay busy and keep my mind on other things when I am anxious about things. I don't know if you read this blog but this lady is an amazing mentor for me and she has a Peace on Earth December Challenge. I am going to do it and put my focus on Jesus this month instead of "I hope we get kids soon."

  2. oh, sorry about that extended wait! yuck!!! hang in there, sister...praying for you.
    and hello? your comment on my last post had me seriously cracking up!

  3. So sorry! Praying that you have a Christmas filled with joyful anticipation as God works in His timing to bring you the ones that He has planned for you to love. Grateful for your open heart, willing hands, and servant spirit.

    I know the waiting is hard - we'll be praying with you.

  4. don't worry, when you see that first little one that is YOURS to take care of you will think that every minute of the wait was worth it.

    they may not even be born yet, hang tight mom, they are coming!

  5. Waiting when it's all completely out of our hands is so hard! It took us a while too, mainly because of doctor's letters we had to get. I hope you hear something soon!

  6. I'm with you on the slacking thing... I'm guessing I don't have as good an excuse as you, though. I really don't know what my excuse is, honestly. Maybe I'm just in a funk...


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